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Stories from Solage

Stories from Solage

Go Shuck-Your-Own Oysters, Luxury Cars and Ocean Waves

I’ll tell you the same thing that I tell my friends who visit Solage; take out the Mercedes-Benz! The complimentary, luxury ride backdropped with California’s stunning natural scenery makes you feel like you’re the star of a hollywood classic. The ideal day trip is a drive to Bodega Bay, located just over an hour from Calistoga. Reserve a seat at Hog Island Oyster Farm in advance, since you’ll want to make a detour in Marshall to find out why everyone loves their “shuck-your-own” oyster picnic. If you want to skip packing a lunch, enjoy the “bay to bar” shellfish over local breads and cheeses offered at the oyster farm’s Boat Oyster Bar. Once back on the road, there’s nothing like the drive to Bodega Bay along Sonoma County’s coastline. Stories from Solage