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Stories from Solage

Stories from Solage

Celebrate Add a Personalized Fragrance to Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is consumed with perfecting the sights, tastes, and sounds of your special day— but there’s one detail most couples overlook; the wedding’s signature scent. Fragrance is unique in its ability to conjure vivid memories and emotions, and its strong ties to ringing (wedding) bells make it the ultimate bespoke favor. At Solage Resort, couples can personalize their own essential oil blend to capture the essence of their wedding date. The fragrance can then be gifted as a massage oil, body scrub, or lotion, bringing a whole new level of personalization to the wedding.


A signature scent gifts guests with an immediate way to return to the moments of celebrating your love in wine country. Welcome guests with a gift bag that will delight them when they check into their rooms, set the party gifts at each guest’s place setting at the dinner table, display the essential oils on a table for guests to take as party gifts at the end of the night, or personally hand them out to your loved ones as they depart your wedding event.Stories from Solage