Six Great Apps for Wine-Lovers

Oct 9, 2013

A sommelier in the palm of your hand?

In certain areas, knowledge is more than power – it’s pleasure. While smartphone apps and wine might not strike you as a harmonious combination, we’re bringing the following apps to your attention because they may make drinking wine even better. With these handy tools, the curious wine drinker is empowered to experiment knowledgeably and refine his or her palate and preferences…a pleasure-filled process, indeed!

Get started by perusing some of our favorites:

Hello Vino intuitively guides users through a series of questions to select the best wine for a particular meal, taste preference or even occasion. This interactive app is a fun addition to any date-night, and helps you hone in on what you like. iPhone, Android, free.

Cor.kz features an impressive “CellarTracker” that allows users to scan bar codes to access a database of over 1.5 million wines and 3 million reviews. According to Cor.kz, they’re the only iPhone app that allows you to compare wines side-by-side, contrasting retail prices, drinking windows and more. iPhone, $3.99.

The Taste of Napa is a region-specific app listing wineries, hotels, restaurants and other activities in Napa Valley. While the tasting notes and suggestions are great, the app is really an insider’s guide to the area (yes, we’re a little biased…) providing discounts on wine, dining and tours that are available exclusively to users. Android, $1.99.

Wine Notes proves that simple is sometimes best. This app gives wine lovers the perfect template for recording their thoughts on the wine they’re drinking, so new discoveries become favorites. A detailed visual guide helps identify flavors with greater accuracy and integration with Twitter makes it easy to share impressions and ratings with friends. iPhone, Android, free.

The Wine Ratings Guide is as close as you can get to having a personal sommelier in the palm of your hand. This highly rated, user-friendly app culls a database of 1 million wines, drawing on expert reviews and providing flavor profiles, pairing suggestions, Yelp-style ratings and customized lists. iPhone, Android, $3.99.

Wine Wherever is a wine-country explorer’s best friend. The handy app provides a complete listing of local wineries, including key details such as address, hours, website link and map, and also provides regularly updated specials occurring at different vineyards. iPhone, $2.99 per regional app.