Romance at Night: A Private Spa Treatment Under the Stars is the Ultimate Couples’ Experience

Sep 8, 2016

The night is illuminated by the soft, glowing light of candles – lining the path to the spa, perched on rocky ledges, tucked into dark corners, and encircling the warm-water pools. “We relate candles with love,” says José Ramon Garcia, Spa Director at the Los Cabos resort, Esperanza. “Their light heightens the sensuality and spirituality of the moment.”

Twinkling candlelight is one of many surprises awaiting those who choose Esperanza’s Starlight Spa Experience, a 120 minute experience available from 9-11pm. The resort’s spa directors have taken Esperanza renowned couples’ therapies and enhanced their impact by cloaking the entire experience in nocturnal mystery. “The whole place changes from day to night,” says Garcia. In the unhurried bliss that Esperanza’s stunning oceanside location embodies, you and your loved one can enjoy all the spa’s pleasures – from soaks in steaming pools to side-by-side massages – all under the Mexican desert’s canopy of stars.

Maybe you choose to begin your evening by soaking in the couples’ pool, sipping champagne together. You can exfoliate with Amaranth, a native Aztec grain. Or escape into your own private grotto for the Pasaje de Agua, or water passage, the resort’s exclusive hot-and-cold water therapy. In the blissful peace of your own treatment area, you and your partner move from cleansing steam cave to warm-water spring to cool-waterfall rinse. “The hot-and-cold waters improve blood circulation and induce a mild state of relaxation before your treatment,” Garcia says.


Having the treatments together changes the whole experience. Worries fall away. A relaxed playfulness to this special evening enhances togetherness. “You can stay pretty amped up even on vacation. This truly slows your down. Instead of a night out on the town, you’re alone with each other, painting each other with nutrient-rich clay,” says Garcia.

Then comes the ultimate in luxurious indulgence, a long, drawn-out couple’s treatment that will transport the two of you into a state of pure bliss. Share a specially prepared body oil during during one of the spa’s signature massages under the stars. Hold hands while they work your body into deep relaxation. The feast of luscious smells and sensations will tantalize your senses. “You’re outdoors, surrounded by beautiful gardens, so when you open your eyes, instead of looking up into artificial light, you’re gazing at the stars and moon,” says Garcia. “Your senses are more open to feel every single experience.” Just being in the stunning surroundings, with the warm sea breezes drifting past, makes the whole experiences even richer, giving you a true feeling of togetherness.

When the massage is over, there’s no hurry to leave the room, one of the many benefits of this special evening of exclusivity. The therapists will quietly depart, giving the two of you a moment to yourselves, so rare in the normally hectic pace of life, to extend the relaxation.

“Having the place to yourselves, not feeling like you’re rushed or being watched – it all leads to letting your guard down,” says Garcia. “The Starlight Spa Experience is an opportunity to reconnect with your partner.”

Esperanza, an Auberge Resort
Los Cabos, Mexico
For reservations, call (888) 248-1263


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