Reinventing Dinner

Oct 23, 2014

Is eating out at restaurants your rendezvous venue of choice with friends? Is “dinner out” starting to feel a little stale? Here are some great ideas that might just spice up that dinner-with-friends routine in all the right ways:

Wine & Cheese Party

Read up on wines and cheese in advance so you have some interesting food & drink facts to share while people are noshing and sipping.  Not only will it be a great conversation starter, but friends will love returning home with more food & wine knowledge, and most likely some wonderful memories with friends.

Pot-luck Picnic

Another great way to spark conversation, as each guest will need to tell the rest of the group about the dish they bring to the table. Not only that, but it takes the stress out of playing host – food-making burden is magically taken off your shoulders!

Game Night

Games are not just for the young at heart – they’re for everyone! Decide what you’re in the mood for – a brainiac game, a lighthearted and fun game, an interactive game – the options are limitless. And chances are you’ll be ending the night with at least a handful of hard laughs with friends. What could be better?

Movie Night

A social night with your besties doesn’t always have to revolve around food… pick a fun movie (maybe an old, classic one, or a foreign film?) that will spur interest and conversation afterwards. Serve some irresistible snacks to your guests and you’ve got everything you need for a fun night with friends!

Craft Night

“Crafts” can encapsulate a lot of things from baking to gardening to creating art – but we love the idea of festive crafts that revolve around the current season. In honor of Fall, how about getting your friends together for a pumpkin carving party, and maybe pairing it with some pumpkin dishes?

Whatever you chose to do, it’s no doubt that your friends will be leaving anxious to put the next “night out with friends” on their calendars!