Napa Wine Country
Napa Wine Country

Spring & Summer in Napa

Get outside and play in Napa

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Experience the one-of-a-kind energy of the Napa Valley, when the vineyards are harvested, the best events are happening, and warm days are meant for cycling winding country roads, tasting chilled rosés on sun-lit terraces, dining on farm-fresh cuisine inspired by the bounty of the valley, and taking in top-notch cultural and culinary festivals.

  • Enjoy endless tasting experiences, from exclusive access to some of the most sought-after wineries, to sampling the next vintage before bottling in a small batch cellar
  • Connect with nature on guided hikes, cycling excursions and horseback rides
  • Attend world-class cultural and culinary festivals
Napa Valley Local

Do Napa Like a Local

Explore Napa Valley’s best-kept secret; mustard season. Now is the best time to visit our beautiful region, as the dormant vines make room for this bright, illuminating floret that grows naturally throughout the area. Indulge in a relaxing spa retreat, take a Michelin-starred culinary tour, or explore a mountain trek and discover some of Napa's best-kept secrets.
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Summertime play in Napa

From cycling winding country roads to some of the most sought after tasting rooms in the valley to learning the art of floral design with the season’s best blooms, the unique pleasures of summer in wine country await.

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Napa adventures
Cruise the legendary Silverado Trail, shaded by towering oak trees, in a classic convertible or float high above the lush vineyards stretched across the valley floor in a hot air balloon. Explore your next thrill in wine country.
Child in a Bucket

For Families

Enjoy a leisurely game of bocce ball or go in search of bright pink flamingos on a private wildlife reserve for unforgettable moments playing with your kids or grandkids.
Hot Air Balloons

For Couples

From playing winemaker for the day and creating your own "couple's blend" to hiking one of the most scenic trails in Napa, a world of experiences await for you to play with the one you love.
Friends Biking

For Friends

Enjoy a custom-tailored wine tasting or an epic nighttime zip line experience through redwood forest to enjoy the true bonds of friendship that playing creates.
vineyard and mountain
Fantastic mid week stay at Solage... Can’t imagine a better way to experience the Napa Valley! Beautiful bike rides directly from the resort. Easy ride to Calistoga for dinners, lunches and strolling. Pool, spa services, clean, well maintained and staff is attentive.

Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Macrame at Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley

Calistoga Ranch Mindfulness Through Meditation and Macramé

I exhale deeply as my mind begins to center and I settle into my body. I feel tension I didn’t even know I was holding onto gently float away. With soft, soothing music playing in the background, we begin with a relaxing meditation before initiating our crafting experience – creating our own macramé hangings. Our guide for the afternoon, Verona, is a holistic educator who first began combining meditation with macramé as a way to reground herself through her art. 

Aspiring Crafterv
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Bees at Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley

Calistoga Ranch A Drinking Fountain Fit for Bees

Soaring redwoods reach toward the sun-filled sky while the leaves of wide-reaching oak trees rustle in the cool morning breeze. The natural beauty of the canyon surrounds me as I head out for a morning of exploring The Chef’s Garden at Calistoga Ranch.

Guest Explorer
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Calistoga Ranch Hiking

Calistoga Ranch Above the Treetops

A half-mile hike sounds like a short walk through the woods, but the ranch’s golf cart driver dropped me, a novice hiker, at the Valley View Trail Head, made of Calistoga’s distinctive volcanic bedrock. Janet, my visiting friend from the East Coast and I were thrilled to embark on this slight incline, which to our delight was aptly rated “moderate.”

Ready to Try New Adventures
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Bocce Ball

Solage Toss a Pallino, Sip on Chardonnay

They say there’s a first time for everything. For me, it was discovering bocce ball, an ancient sport played since the days of the Roman Empire, and a game I learned to play during a family vacation at Solage. We arrived to the outdoor patio under a brilliant scarlet sunset at Solbar, where we ordered a few small bites and cocktails while our sons Jake and Luke expressed their desire for a bit more activity. Fortunately, beyond the rectangular fire pit past the outdoor seating, we noticed two beautifully groomed bocce ball courts.

Learning New Games
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Nature Art Enthusiast

Calistoga Ranch Resourceful by Nature

In the early morning sun, just outside the family pool’s gate, I set out down a short path to the vineyard, which led me to Juan Luis, the son and assistant to the viticulturist on this 157-acre wooded paradise. I had no idea I would be embarking on a mystical journey filled with artistic transformations made with nature.

Nature Art Enthusiast
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spa oil

Calistoga Ranch You're an Animal

Do you roam fields and forests or swim in the oceans and rivers? Do you leave tracks through the barren desert or soar through the starlit sky? You'll find these answers and more at our spa, where you can discover your animal spirit guide during a tarot reading from The Wild Unknown, a deck matching your authentic aura with the world's most mysterious wildlife.

Staff - Spa
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Calistoga Ranch The Truth About Wine and Bees

Studying to be a sommelier is no easy feat, but how many people can say they passed honeybee biology? I can, and just like the finest wines, honey has its own terroir, which is influenced by our flying friends, bees, that act as nature's pollinators. They have a knack for keeping vineyards healthy; plus, the nectar and pollen they extract from local flowers influence how our honey tastes.

Local Insider
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Calistoga Ranch Did Aliens Visit Napa?

Forest creatures whistle and howl and a chill calm envelopes the wilderness: this marks the fall of night in Napa Valley. When the sun dips below the horizon and the stars take their place in the night sky, legends of the cosmos are born. Blessed by a Native American elder to always ensure your safe passage on our sacred grounds, stargazing at Calistoga Ranch is an out-of-body experience.

Local Dreamer
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vineyard in the winter

Calistoga Ranch Wine and Condiments

We can thank mustard for Napa Valley's coveted wine notes, as this unlikely seed provides vital nutrients and phosphorus to our beloved grapes. Though the golden plant didn't always grow in Napa, every year from January to March, our vineyards are blanketed in an alluring amber hue, which coincidentally fuels the condiment stand at roadside hotdog outpost, Gotts. You don't even have to wait in line to savor a Niman Ranch Fearless Frank, a dog topped with cheddar cheese and house-made chile - and, of course, mustard.

Local Insider
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Calistoga Ranch Baby Goats are Napa's Unsung Heroes

Unlike us, goats prefer grass and weeds over grapes and wine. This is why baby goats are the true unsung heroes of Calistoga Ranch. When brother and sister duo, Olive and Pepper, aren't bobbing and bucking about, they upkeep the property grounds by munching the grass to manicured perfection. Though this ancient technique has been around for centuries, environmental studies show these feisty babes reduce our carbon footprint by naturally maintaining and fertilizing our vineyards.

Happy California Goats
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Calistoga Ranch I Know Napa Valley's Most Picturesque Point

It took a bit of sweat to reach Napa Valley's most picturesque lookout, a summit I wanted to photograph by morning. That's why I hit the under-the-radar private hiking trail near Calistoga Ranch with my husband by 9 a.m. sharp to reach the sleepy hill only locals know. Because I was a guest at Calistoga Ranch, I gained access to an exclusive property tour, ending at the vineyard's tasting room for a custom food and wine pairing menu. It's true what they say - it's all about who you know.

Happy Couple
Stayed Summer 2018
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Solage Legendary Fish Tacos at Solbar

Whenever I travel, a full restaurant is a trusted choice as a place to eat, and Solbar was packed for lunch. Savory scents lured me inside and triggered a rumble in my stomach. With so many options on the menu, I took my seat to scope out the dining room for a view of what others were eating. The answer: fish tacos.

Taco Connoisseur
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Solage A Walk Above the Clouds

If you’re planning on hiking Oat Hill Mine Trail, don’t let the weather deter you— foggy mornings are the best time for this hike. After stumbling upon this discovery by chance, the colder and mistier the morning in Napa Valley, the faster I grab my hiking shoes.

Helen Brown
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outdoor event

Solage How to Navigate the Calistoga Food & Wine Event

The trick to navigating the Calistoga Food and Wine’s Grand Tasting like an expert? Start at the back of the event, and work backwards. You can beat the lines by going straight inside the Solstice event space and wine tasting your way to the lawn. Less time in lines equals more time sipping on the samplings from over 40 of the surrounding local wineries, savoring delectable small bites, and picking up tips from the live cooking stations.

Patrick Ward
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Wellness in Wine Country with ERDA Tea

Auberge du Soleil Wellness in Wine Country with ERDA Tea

Wellness seekers have another reason to visit the Auberge du Soleil Spa in Napa Valley. In addition to the spectacular views, zen-like atmosphere and exceptional services, spa guests may now enjoy a signature wellness tea as part of their spa experience. Developed by ERDA, Napa’s ultra-premium organic tea farm, the custom blend features lemon verbena and spearmint, selected for the cleansing and clarity-promoting properties of the herbs. The Auberge du Soleil + ERDA Spa Tea is served at the conclusion of all services to enhance the wellness benefits of each treatment while guests linger and relax within the natural beauty of the Spa Courtyard overlooking the verdant vineyards and Mount Veeder in the distance.

Feeling Zen
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ads sculpture garden

Auberge du Soleil Eden Rediscovered

Auberge du Soleil has long been renowned for its legendary views of picturesque vineyards on the valley floor anchored by majestic mountain vistas in the distance. This natural beauty is exclusively accessible for guests of the hotel in a more up-close and personal form via the property’s expansive gardens and nature paths, which, over the years, have undergone an extensive transformation.

Nature Lover
Auberge du Soleil
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Auberge du Soleil How to Spot the Secret Strawberry Stand on the Silverado Trail

Napa locals who know their fruit know about the strawberry stand on the Silverado Trail. Family run by the Saetern family, this stand is the place to go. You’ll know when you’ve arrived by the number of cars pulled-over near a small, unassuming fruit stand decorated in painted images of strawberries.

Chef Robert Curry
Executive Chef
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couple carrying a wine

Auberge du Soleil Napa Locals Know What Google Doesn't

The best recommendations are by word of mouth. No matter where you are in Napa Valley, you can expect to be surrounded by locals, vintners, and farmers that can tell you what you won't find on trip advisor. For me, I love frequenting places where you can find something new and out of the ordinary...

George Geoggel
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couple dining

Auberge du Soleil Zeus, Artichokes, and Aphrodisiacs

If you visit Auberge Du Soleil when artichokes are in season, plan to dine over a delectable dish that will have you falling in love over dinner— for more than one reason. Thought to be an aphrodisiac by ancient Romans and Greeks, the artichoke’s scandalous reputation has since stuck. It all started with a story from Greek Mythology, in which Zeus fell in love with a gorgeous mortal woman, and turned her into a goddess.

Jane Swendy
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