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Stories from Nanuku

Stories from Nanuku

Learn Secrets of the Fijian tree of life

I was just a child when I first learned the Fijian tree of life has a dark secret. My grandmother warned me about Fiji’s beloved coconut trees when she told me the legend of a beautiful young maiden named Hina, who loved to bathe in a watering hole near the sea. One day, her morning routine took a twist when her father caught her making love to a handsome young man by the pond. In his rage, he turned the young man into an eel and planted it – and that’s how we came to have coconut trees. To this day, I remember the legend every time I husk a coconut and see two eyes and a mouth, just like the eel. I’m married now but let’s just say my wife and I didn’t visit any ponds when we were dating. Stories from Nanuku