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Stories from Nanuku

Stories from Nanuku

Do Fijian Pirates Found the Cure to Hangovers Centuries Ago

It took a killer hangover to get me on the bilibili. This floating Fijian bamboo raft isn’t for the faint of heart but it offered my only deliverance after a night of tasting the island’s award-winning rum. Drifting deeper into the forest canopy, I searched for a secret medicinal herb the island’s first pirates once used while they were developing sugarcane for rum in the 1800s. When I finally found the beach almond tree, I didn’t realize there was a hidden twist to the remedy pirates kept secret for hundreds of years. What the history books don’t tell you is that in order to cure your headache with this post-illness tonic, you have to squeeze the juice of the leaf into your nostrils. Now I know why the best adventures don’t always make it on social media. Stories from Nanuku

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