Wellness at Grace Mykonos

Inspired by Greece’s rich healing traditions

We draw upon ancient beauty rituals and the latest in modern science for a unique range of locally-inspired treatments that nourish, soothe and restore body, mind and soul. Take in an anti-aging facial treatment that incorporates the powerful antioxidant qualities of red wine and lupin, surrender to a traditional massage using organic Greek wine and natural essential oils, or simply luxuriate in our steam room, sauna and hydrotherapy bath. You will feel nothing short of instant bliss.

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  • Hours: 11 am to 7pm
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The spa! This was hands down the best massage of my life. Katerina has studied the craft extensively. I got a one hour deep tissue massage. LuvRockStar Guest

Our most popular spa treatments


Traditional Olive Oil Relaxing Massage

Experience the powerful effects of natural essential oils of healing Greek plants, roots and flowers combined with pure organic Greek olive oil which is heated and applied in a rhythmic way. This is a classic, relaxing massage. The oil penetrates deep into the tissues, loosening toxins at a cellular level.

Queen Bee Face

A 'Royal treatment' based on the beneficial properties of royal jelly and honey to restore and firm the skin. APIVITA's unique face massage activates selected energy points (acupressure points) and helps the regeneration and restoration of the skin. Royal jelly - an elixir of life and youth - nourishes, regenerates, rejuvenates and restores the skin's vitality.


Mykonos Products

Bring home the healing power of Grace Mykonos. In our spa shop, you will find the full line of APIVITA luxury bath and body products used in our unique range of treatments. Based on organic essential oils, plant extracts, and pure honey cultivated in Greece, APIVITA products use natural ingredients that have proven to be effective in clinical studies. APIVITA products do not contain parabens, propylene glycol or silicones.