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Stories from Mykonos

Stories from Mykonos

Learn Why Practice Yoga in Greece?


Stepping onto my mat, I close my eyes and feel the slight, Mykonos breeze. A deep inhale and exhale comes easy here. Reason number one to take a yoga class in Greece? The island’s surrounding natural elements afford the perfect environment for balancing mind and body. Following my instructor’s voice, I flow from pose to pose with newfound confidence.

The sun dips low and grazes the ocean’s horizon, painting our world with colors I had never witnessed before my visit to Greece. As the sunset signals the end of our practice, I begin to dream of dining over my favorite seafood dish. Reason number two to take a yoga class in Greece? Mediterranean cuisine is known to increase longevity and delight your palate. As I step off my mat with a sense of peace I cannot quite explain, I realize it is no wonder Greece has become a coveted yoga destination.Stories from Mykonos