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Stories from Mykonos

Stories from Mykonos

Do Roam the Birthplace of the Greek Immortals


When my husband and I set out on ferry to explore Delos, one of the smallest islands in the Aegean Sea visible from the shores of Mykonos, I had no idea what we would soon discover. “The sacred island of light” was pure magic come to life. Here, rich, rose-gold sunlight washed over remains of Greek civilization, unveiling an archaeological site abundant with ancient treasures that we spend the day in awe over. It turns out, the earth we were standing on has been considered divine since ancient times.

The heavenly escape looks to be a fitting home for a Greek immortal, so I was not surprised when our tour guide informed us that the island, with ancient stone huts that indicate the holy sanctuary has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BCE, was once deemed by Greek mythology to be the birthplace of Apollo (God of Light) and Artemis (Goddess of Hunting). Here, legend has it that no mortal is to be born on Delos land or to die on Delos land. Today, the UNESCO world heritage site is for visiting only. From the serene travel over deep blue seas to island exploring, I always tell my friends that this is a must when staying in Mykonos.Stories from Mykonos