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Stories from Mykonos

Stories from Mykonos

Do Dance Until Dusk at Mykonos’ Full Moon Parties


Whether you’re stepping out during the midnight hours to explore the famed nightlife or trading in sleep for unrivaled stargazing under clear skies, Mykonos after dark is as alive as it is in the daylight— and sometimes, almost as bright. On a night with a full moon, the island is aglow with a mesmerizing glimmer and resonant with the sounds of celebration. Let me introduce you to an absolute must while in Mykonos: the legendary full moon parties.

Attend the celestial celebration hosted by various night clubs around the island, and prepare to dance until dawn’s sunrise colors signal morning. This is an evening sure to swiftly sweep you off your feet and into a dreamland of vibrant music and entertainment. Make sure to ask the team at Grace Mykonos for information on upcoming parties.

For my friends who are looking for a quieter evening, I always suggest a night on the water. Is there anything more romantic and serene than an escape by boat? Set out on the Aegean Sea and under twinkling stars to experience a more private celebration while staying close to the bustling activity in town. From here, luxuriate in island’s natural beauty and watch the dazzling fireworks go off over the water in honor of the full moon celebration.Stories from Mykonos