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Welcome to Grace Mykonos

Sun-kissed bliss

Lose yourself in the buzzing island lifestyle of Mykonos, with its brilliant-hued backdrop of blooming pink bougainvillea and cobalt-blue stair railings and doors set against the island’s iconic whitewashed walls. Then retreat into our exclusive cliffside enclave, perched above the sandy and protected beach of Agios Stefanos. Nourish, soothe and restore with locally-inspired spa treatments and hydrotherapy bath at our boutique spa, enjoy a leisurely lap in our sun-drenched pool, or enjoy the ultimate basking experience on a king-size sunbed with sea views for days.

Stay at Grace Mykonos

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From sailing to secluded beach coves to taking in the beats of a world-famous DJ at a Full Moon party, Mykonos is a world of contrasts waiting to be explored.

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A truly relaxing and special place. This is our second visit to Mykonos and once again it delivered everything we wished for. The location of the hotel with its wonderful views out across the sea is second to none.
Jo Clark

Stories from Mykonos


Do Dance Until Dusk at Mykonos’ Full Moon Parties

Whether you’re stepping out during the midnight hours to explore the famed nightlife or trading in sleep for unrivaled stargazing under clear skies, Mykonos after dark is as alive as it is in the daylight— and sometimes, almost as bright. On a night with a full moon, the island is aglow with a mesmerizing glimmer and resonant with the sounds of celebration. Let me introduce you to an absolute must while in Mykonos: the legendary full moon parties.

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Do Roam the Birthplace of the Greek Immortals

When my husband and I set out on ferry to explore Delos, one of the smallest islands in the Aegean Sea visible from the shores of Mykonos, I had no idea what we would soon discover. “The sacred island of light” was pure magic come to life. Here, rich, rose-gold sunlight washed over remains of Greek civilization, unveiling an archaeological site abundant with ancient treasures that we spend the day in awe over. It turns out, the earth we were standing on has been considered divine since ancient times.

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Learn Why Practice Yoga in Greece?

Stepping onto my mat, I close my eyes and feel the slight, Mykonos breeze. A deep inhale and exhale comes easy here. Reason number one to take a yoga class in Greece? The island’s surrounding natural elements afford the perfect environment for balancing mind and body. Following my instructor’s voice, I flow from pose to pose with newfound confidence.

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