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Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa

Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa

Do Stillness in Motion: Meditating While Standing in Water

Ai Chi is a meditative movement carried out while standing in water. More often than not, I will meet guests seeking ways to quiet the mind and destress, but find it difficult to sit still through traditional forms of meditation. Ai Chi enables participants to experience the benefits that meditation promises through physical movement— it’s a stillness in motion, if you will.
At an Ai Chi class, you can expect for the water to be a warm 92 degrees, and chest deep. There are always a few participants that are happy to learn that they will not be going underwater— you do not need to be an expert swimmer to take Ai Chi, and you can count on your hair and makeup remaining perfectly intact. A relatively new form of yoga, developed in Japan by Jun Konno, Ai Chi flows through an hour-long progression of 19 different postures made with slow, round, and soft movements. I like to begin with the “contemplating” movement, which is a simple and basic position focused on breath connection. Each class is made up of movements that I choose based on the physical conditions of those attending that class, as different movements cater to different mental and physical needs. Movements can be used to improve movement efficiency for those who have chronic pain, or other neurological and orthopedic problems, as well is an incredible exercise to calm the mind.

There is so much to love about this practice, from the numerous, healing physical and mental health benefits that Ai Chi offers to the simplicity of needing only to bring a swimsuit. Decompress, destress, increase the mind and body connection while enjoying the excitement of trying something new and getting in a physical workout. Once a week, we offer this practice as a private session and detoxifying treatment at the Mayflower Inn.Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa

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