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Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa

Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa

Learn My Day as a Lazy Otter

Fishing grace hotel

Shallow, clear, and like a bowl of tranquility, nearly one thousand kettle ponds dot the brilliant terrain of the Northeast. When my family and I first began to plan our trip to Mayflower Inn & Spa, I thought we would spend all of our time enjoying the area’s plentiful hiking trails through meadows and woodlands. But thanks to an insider tip, we ventured off-the-beaten-path to these isolated freshwater pools, where we had the water all to ourselves.

Believed to have formed nearly 15,000 years ago, the pools are composed of water left by melting blocks of glacial ice. Some range from the size of a small plunge pool to the magnanimity of a lake, where you can kayak, canoe, and even sail the waters. And though they couldn’t be more perfect for our children—they’re temperate, languid, and offer the peace of mind akin to letting your kids loose in a bathtub—I think we enjoyed them even more. We felt like lazy otters for the day, swimming carefree with an occasional tangle with a lily pad as our only worry.Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa