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Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa

Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa

Learn Learn How to Heal Your Body with Reiki

I’ve been studying Reiki for 26 years when my path to the healing art began in 1990 when my hands started talking to me. The message was clear: they wanted to be used as instruments for change. Now as a Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui System, my technique includes channeling healing energy to you through my hands, which activates the natural healing processes of your body to restore your physical and emotional well-being, shifting your perspective on life and allowing space for you embrace self-responsibility to operate from a place of love instead of fear.


During my signature retreats, I guide you in unplugging from your day-to-day routine so you can release yourself from habits and responsibilities and work past your blocks, obstacles, and fears to reach your highest potential. From learning the history and principles of Reiki to practicing self-Reiki treatments, this self-empowerment and spiritual growth tool has the ability to change your life, especially when combined with meditative practices like Ai Chi aquatic exercises and sound healing through crystal singing bowls.


I hope to share the art of Reiki with youa beautiful gift waiting to be unwrapped.Stories from Mayflower Inn and Spa