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Spa Garden Relaxation
Spa Garden Relaxation

Visiting Master | Nancy Byrne


The Experience

Join licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and Yamuna practitioner Nancy Byrne for a monthly series of group workshops and private offerings designed to help you achieve your best self, tackle physical and emotional stress and pain at THE WELL at Mayflower Inn.

  • Available the first Sunday of each month | Beginning April 2


Activities Yoga

10-11AM | AcuRolling Body Therapy

Gather in the Movement Studio as Nancy leads you through an AcuRolling session, powerful movement therapy based in yoga. Using Yamuna body balls, it combines acupressure, stretching and bone stimulation to create space in the body. Through a combination of stretching, toning, strengthening and acupressure, relieve pain and tension, increase range of motion, prevent or recover from injury, and get back to enjoying your favorite activities with Nancy.
  • Book with THE WELL | Call 860.619.7016

  • Located in the Movement Studio in THE WELL

  • 60 minute session

  • $75 per person | Yamuna Ball Body Set available for purchase

Activities Yoga

11AM-12PM | Community Acupuncture

Experience the magic of acupuncture and join Nancy for a relaxing group session, learning about the most powerful acupoints while restoring in our holistic wellness destination.
  • Book with THE WELL | Call 860.619.7016

  • Located in the Movement Studio in THE WELL

  • 60 minute session

  • $75 per person | Maximum 8 guests

Activities Yoga

12-5PM | Private Acupuncture and AcuRolling

Join Nancy for a restorative and private Acupuncture and AcuRolling session at THE WELL. Available for the face, body, or both, relax as Nancy addresses your health goals and treats any ailments through Acupuncture, AcuRolling, cupping and gua sha. Customize your private treatment with Nancy to tailor your session to fit your specific health needs. AcuRolling with specialized facial tools will be used on the face and neck to lift the face, reduce tension, reduce lines and wrinkles, unwind the jaw, shoulders and arms, and open up your sinuses. This is followed by facial Gua Sha, a Chinese Medicine facial massage used to lift and sculpt the face, move lymphatic fluids to reduce rosacea, congestion, or puffiness and promote a more even skin tone and healthy glow.
  • Book with THE WELL go schedule a time a private session with Nancy | Call 860.619.7016

  • Located in the Movement Studio, Birch Studio or Treatment Room

  • 60 minute session for Acupuncture & AcuRolling for Face or Body treatments | 90 minutes for Acupuncture & AcuRolling for Face and Body

  • $225 for Face or Body | $275 for both Face and Body

  • Ear Seeding available for private sessions

Nancy Byrne

About Nancy Byrne

Dr. Nancy Byrne is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and certified Yamuna practitioner with over 20 years in the health and wellness industry. She is passionate about teaching others how to become embodied through self-care techniques, including heart-centered breathwork and AcuRolling, her own branded version of Yamuna® Body Rolling. Nancy’s focus is on body rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation, which in turns support the spirit. She believes in inspiring healing by empowering others through education. She holds a Doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health & Science.

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