Woodlands near Mayflower Inn and Spa
Woodlands near Mayflower Inn and Spa

Woodland Hike with THE WELL at Mayflower Inn

The Experience

One of the best ways to reap the healing benefits of nature is through forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku—a Japanese wellness practice that involves mindfully immersing yourself in a natural atmosphere to relax the mind. The rolling hills, riverside walking paths and shaded trails of Litchfield, CT provide the perfect place for you to experience this meditative practice. Join a Nature Guide to explore the majestic surroundings on a two-hour hike and forest bathing excursion. You'll engage your senses (from breathing in the scent of the giant pine trees to listening to a rushing river), discover interesting flora and fauna, and learn how nature impacts our well-being. Your hike will end with an herbal tea offering.

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