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Stories from Mauna Lani

Stories from Mauna Lani

Eat Hawaii’s Foodie Paradise

With its incredible beaches, stunning views and lush green mountains, Hawaii is a sensory paradise. But the spectacular scenery is just one part of the journey.  Some of the best discoveries come as you taste your way through Hawaii – from the plentiful fresh produce in season year-round to full-bodied, aromatic coffee and poke practically straight from the ocean.

One of my recent finds is Waimea Butcher Shop. As a food lover, it’s one of those local gems that when you visit, you feel like you’ve come home. When I first met Mills Stovall, the shop’s owner and a longtime culinary veteran, I was transported back to childhood visits with my grandfather to our favorite neighborhood butcher shop. The more I learned about Mills’ and his wife Kamelei’s commitment to honoring traditional butchery – using the whole animal – with only locally raised, grass-fed, sustainable meats and house made charcuterie, I knew a partnership would only further elevate the Mauna Lani’s culinary offerings.  

While we’ve already started incorporating a variety of Waimea Butcher Shop’s meats into our menu – be sure to try our Big island charcuterie plate– enjoying a simple picnic created from local favorites is one of my top picks for a day of exploring the island. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, grab a hibachi and head to the shop where Mills and his team help you choose from a variety of sausages, hot dogs and steaks perfect for easy outdoor grilling. I love indulging in any of the rotating cuts of beef, all dry-aged onsite. Throw in any of the island’s native produce – think juicy, ripe tomatoes, sweet grilled pineapple and some of Mills’s Signature brats – to create a simple, but unforgettable, meal. 

If that’s not your speed, Waimea Butcher Shop also offers made-to-order sandwiches. I’m often tempted by the butcher’s special of the day – a different mouthwatering food adventure every day – but I also have my standby favorite, the smoked brisket sandwich that includes pimento cheese and a rich, homemade bacon jam. If you’re looking to pack a snack, the team at the shop will also guide you through building your own charcuterie plate. Pick up one (or more) of Hawaii’s local craft beers at the resort’s market and you’ve got the perfect pairing. 

Just like the nearly endless, delicious food options, there are also plenty of beautiful choices for your culinary backdrop. Whether you choose one of  our secluded, ancient fish ponds, a lush, floral garden or one of Hawaii’s many beaches that offer ocean breezes and magnificent views, you’re ready to eat and experience Hawaii like a local.Stories from Mauna Lani