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Stories from Mauna Lani

Stories from Mauna Lani

Do Awaken Your Inner Athlete

Hawaiians have honed their relationship to the sea over many centuries. Daring to ride the biggest waves, sail outrigger canoes across Earth’s largest ocean, and dive into the sea’s salty depths, Hawaiian watermen and women have shown the rest of the world what is possible. Drawing upon this ancient expertise, guests are invited to paddle, pedal and perform by way of Kainalu Ocean Sports.

“Kainalu” is more than just the Hawaiian word for ocean wave; it’s a way of life. Embracing kainalu means learning to ride life’s waves and surf across its fluctuations and tides with strength, grace, and a hefty appetite for fun. The program explores “Mauka to Makai,” which is the Hawaiian philosophy that recognizes the intimate relationship between the mountain (mauka) and the sea (makai). What happens in one environment affects the other; they are inseparable.

Kainalu Ocean Sports is Mauna Lani’s innovative approach to resort activities—a recreation program unlike any other in Hawai‘i. Guided by world-class athletes, resort guests can learn a new language for adventure and embark on immersive journeys of self-discovery.

Guests can dip their toes or dive headfirst into Hawai‘i’s dazzling waterscape. Ocean activities include surfing, scuba diving, free diving and performance ocean swimming. Beginning and advanced paddlers can try prone or stand-up paddleboarding or climb into a double-hull canoe for an exciting and educational excursion along the Kohala coast.

The land experiences range from adrenaline-fueled bike safaris to coastal hiking treks, meditation, and performance breathing training. Through the Kainalu program, resort guests have exclusive access to Waimea’s historic Anna Ranch, a lush 100-acre property and the former training grounds for King Kamehameha’s  Kīpu’upu’u warriors. Guests can explore hidden valleys and single-track trails via traditional mountain bikes or state-of-the-art electric bikes. On the private bike tour, guests can tackle the mountain, venture out to waterfalls, streams, and ancient Hawaiian cultural sites—all while soaking up the stunning views of nearby summits: Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Hualalai.Stories from Mauna Lani