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Private Helicopter Tours

Tales of Hawai’i from Above


In Hawai’i, a purposeful journey is often referred to as a huaka’i. While some may embark on a huaka’i by foot, yours transpires thousands of feet in the air. As you learn the stories of Hawaii’s most iconic historic sites, soar to new heights in a private helicopter tour with Mauna Lani’s Kahu Hānai, Danny Akaka.

The Valleys of Hawai’i

As you rise into the air, our legendary coastline shrinks to a miles-long stretch of pitch black lava rocks that intersect with turquoise tides. Fly above the iconic valleys of the Hāmākua Coast, an ancient and storied land nestled on the northeastern tip of Hawai’i Island.

Awini Landing

The first stop in your huaka’i is Awini, a private landing that overlooks Waipi’o Valley. As you learn the stories of this sacred place, absorb the dramatic beauty of a historic landmark that King Kamehameha the Great once called home.

ʻĀpua Point

ʻĀpua Point is a wahi pana (sacred place) that lies at the base of an 800-foot waterfall. After Uncle Danny serenades you with his favorite songs on the ‘ukulele, share an oceanfront picnic with charcuterie, mini malasadas, Kona coffee cake and more.