runner on a trail in Hawaii
runner on a trail in Hawaii


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Embark on immersive journeys of self-discovery to activate the body, nourish the mind, and enrich the soul. Inspired by an awareness of one’s hā (breath) – the foundation of life and the key to healthy routines, the Performance program focuses on progression-based fitness and training elements.


A woman is sitting at beach with yoga lotus position

All Levels Flow Yoga - Under the Milo Tree

Reset, rejuvenate and retreat to a collection of yoga and meditation rituals.

  • 50 mins | $25 per person
  • Location: Surf Shack
woman practicing yoga on a standup paddleboard

Floating Yoga

Perfect for anyone who has never stepped on a paddleboard or taken a yoga class, as well as anyone with yoga and stand-up paddleboarding experience. The class will begin on the beach, teaching safety and basic stand-up paddleboarding yoga principles. On the water, we will incorporate a mindful flow in modified sun salutations and work on various standing poses while learning how to adjust our yoga practice to the water.

  • 50 mins | $35 per person
  • Location: Surf Shack
woman practicing breathing

Waterman Performance Breathing & Workout

Catered for all levels, the Performance Breathing & Meditation session includes gentle stretching, meditation, and focused breathing exercises.
  • 45 mins | $25 per person
  • Location: Surf Shack

Running & Hiking

Man and women running on tropical beach at sunset

Running & Hiking

For centuries, Hawaiians circumnavigated the island on a seaside route. Parts of this path still exist, preserved as the Ala Kahakai, National Historic Trails. The section from Mauna Lani to Honoka‘ope Bay overlooks jagged sea cliffs, sparkling bays, and a secluded black sand beach. Head inland to encounter one of Hawaii's most extensive petroglyph fields. The 223-acre Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve boasts more than 3,000 carvings etched into lava rock, many dating back to 1200 AD.

  • Location: Surf Shack
woman on a sunrise power walk at mauna lani

Sunrise Power Walk

A wonderful way to get the blood flowing and energy moving while exploring this diverse property. Ponds, beaches, caves and more are along the walk that will welcome in the new day at Mauna Lani.

  • 50 mins | complimentary
  • Location: Surf Shack


woman practicing open water swimming

Morning Ocean Swim Clinic

Our professional swim Instructor and Ocean Safety Personnel will help get you swimming comfortably in the open ocean, and guide seasoned swimmers on a beautiful swim in Makaiwa Bay. Gain confidence and take your swimming to the next level.

  • 50 mins | $35 per person
  • Location: Surf Shack
little boy swimming underwater

Learn to Swim Again Clinic

Get comfortable in the pool before venturing out in the ocean. The clinic covers all the basics and keeps it simple so you can spend more time enjoying the wonderful ocean fronting Mauna Lani.

  • 50 mins | $355 per person
  • Location: Surf Shack
private swim lessons at Mauna Lani

Semi-Private Lesson Swim Lesson

Take a lesson with a loved one and receive professional coaching from our swim professionals. Pool & Open Ocean lessons available. Build confidence and stamina while learning from some of Hawaii’s most accomplished athletes.

  • 50 mins | $125 per person
  • Location: Surf Shack
a swimming coach holds a stopwatch by the pool

Private Swim Lessons

The ultimate way to take your swimming to the next level. Improve efficiency, technique, and endurance. Our swim pros will assess your current level of swimming and build from there.

  • Pool or open ocean
  • 50 mins | $75 per person
  • Location: Surf Shack
Kainalu X-training

KXT - Kainalu XTraining

High-Intensity Interval Training: Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Performance Breathing. Maximize your training.
  • Class - 50 mins | $35 per person
  • Personal Training Session - 50 mins | $95
  • Location: Kainalu Performance Center

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