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Pool at sunset at Mauna Lani Resort
Surrounded by an expansive lawn, the stylish Resort pool is centrally located along the beach.
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Set amidst the dramatic Kohala coast at the base of five majestic mountains, Mauna Lani is a bright jewel. In days past, warrior kings came here to rest and recuperate. Today, the resort’s luxurious bungalows, suites, and gathering spaces set the stage for transformative experiences. Let this potent paradise rejuvenate and nourish you. From your private balcony, watch the sunrise spill gold across the breaking surf. Head down to the Great Lawn where you can lounge with friends or take a few laps across the palm-fringed infinity pool. As you pass through the Hālau, the cultural heart of Mauna Lani, linger long enough to hear Uncle Danny strum his ‘ukulele and tell stories from his youth spent along this historic coastline. At dinner, indulge in a feast prepared with fish caught offshore and ripe produce grown by local farmers. Witness the moonlight glowing on the ancient fishponds. Listen to the drumbeat of the waves and the laughter of loved ones. Discover the meaning of ‘ohana—the Hawaiian word for family.

Stay at Mauna Lani

Ocean View Suite
Seamlessly blending the natural beauty of the outdoors in, the one bedroom suite offers ample room and panoramic oceanfront views.

Mauna Lani Zen Garden
Tucked away in our lush zen garden is a wide array of seating and hammocks for you to enjoy the tranquility of nature on property.
panoramic views from Mauna Lani's South Course
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Dream of snorkeling above fish-filled reefs or stargazing atop the snow-capped peak of Mauna Kea? Why not drop in on a jam session of Hawai‘i’s most celebrated slack-key guitarists? Just about anything is possible at Mauna Lani, where the passionate team offers unrivaled access to Hawai‘i’s natural and cultural treasures. Start your day with beachside yoga or a peloton ride in the resort’s state-of-the-art gym. Wind up at Mauna Lani’s top-ranked golf courses, then wind down at the signature spa. Hike to an ancient petroglyph site after playing a few rounds of kōnane (Hawaiian checkers) at the Hale ‘I‘ike Cultural Center. Help measure young honu (sea turtles) before releasing them back into the sea—you can’t help but fall in love. The Holoholo Kids Crew invites the resort’s youngest guests on epic explorations of the coast, gardens, and star-speckled night skies.
Blowing of the conch shell with Danny Akaka

Authentic Cultural Togetherness

Respect and nurture Kalāhuipua‘a’s rich cultural heritage through authentic experiences, and engaging programs.

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OC2 Canoe Paddle
Mauna Lani Surf Shack
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Inspired by Hawai‘i’s iconic surf dens of the past, the Surf Shack is the ultimate toes-in-the-sand, good-vibes hang out. Come here to fuel up on acai bowls or fish tacos and to “talk story” with Hawai‘i’s legendary watermen and women. At this headquarters for all things salty and sun-kissed you can launch your next brag-worthy adventure. Ready to paddle a Hawaiian canoe? Hone your free-diving skills? Whether you want to plunge into the sea’s jeweled depths or blissfully float on the sparkling surface, the world-class Kainalu sports pros will give you the gear and expert guidance to make it happen. Relax and expand your horizon. Soak up that sweet vitamin D. Leave with two of the best souvenirs: a golden glow and sand between your toes.


Offering curated experiences with a distinctive character reminiscent of Authentic Hawaii, a passionate team will guide guests on every ocean pursuit imaginable—from outrigger canoeing, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, to snorkeling right off the resort’s main beach and nearby Makaiwa Bay.

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Ocean sunset
We felt like we were snorkeling in an aquarium and loved being able to run in the resort, rent snorkel equipment, paddle board and enjoy the beach! We will definitely come back.

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Uncle Danny in the Cave with children

Go Connecting with the Spirit of Hawaii

Hiking through Kalāhuipua‘a Historic Park, we stopped along the trail to appreciate the variety of petroglyphs that depict primitive life symbols and provide a view into Hawaiʻi’s rich and ancient history. The area also offers around 40 natural caves composed of lava tubes and partially collapsed lava bubbles that are perfect for exploring, and we were in search of one cave in particular – the mythical “spirit cave”. A short hike from our retreat at Mauna Lani, I was tipped off about the park’s unusual cave during a discussion with Uncle Danny, the resort’s resident expert in Hawaiian history and culture. 

Soaking it all in
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Mauna Lani Hawaii Chefs

Eat Hawaii’s Foodie Paradise

With its incredible beaches, stunning views and lush green mountains, Hawaii is a sensory paradise. But the spectacular scenery is just one part of the journey.  Some of the best discoveries come as you taste your way through Hawaii – from the plentiful fresh produce in season year-round to full-bodied, aromatic coffee and poke practically straight from the ocean.

Chris Damskey
Halani Executive Chef
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Twilight at Kalāhuipua‘a at Mauna Lani

Celebrate Hawaiian Stars Under the Full Moon

The last time I attended the Twilight at Kalāhuipua‘a concert series, a beautiful Hawaiian woman jumped up from the audience to dance the hula. Barefoot, with a bright red hibiscus tucked behind her ear, she knew every step by heart. The crowd showered her with applause as she swayed in perfect time to the lilting melodies of old Hawaii.

Music Lover
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Ancient Hawaiian Fishpond at Mauna Lani

Do How an Ancient Fishpond Breathes

Fat silver fish turn figure eights beneath the surface of Lāhuipua‘a fishpond. Every now and then I catch the flash of an eel’s tail disappearing into the shadows. A slender rock wall encircles the five-acre coastal pond. It’s one of seven ancient fishponds at Mauna Lani—waters once cherished by Hawaiian kings and fishermen alike. Watching ripples spread across the surface of Lāhuipua‘a, I imagine the hands that built its wall eight hundred years ago.

Lana Smith
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Learn Talk Story With Uncle Danny

Danny Akaka, the resort’s resident expert in Hawaiian history and culture, is in high demand. No matter how many people file into the Hale I‘ike cultural center, each one of them receives the full benefit of his beaming smile and gracious attention. Akaka is the embodiment of aloha: generous, unhurried, and brimming with love for Hawai‘i and her people. Diplomacy runs in Akaka’s genes. His father was a respected U.S. Senator, his uncle coined the phrase “aloha spirit,” and his grandmother couldn’t let a tired taro farmer pass by her house without offering refreshment and a shady place to rest.

Music Lover
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