Marie Veronique: To Mother Earth, With Love

Mar 29, 2013

We are thrilled to have Marie Veronique Organics as a guest blogger here with us.  The timing is perfect, as we have just kicked off Earth Month with Earth Hour and just launched a fabulous Marie Veronique giveaway on Facebook – if you haven’t entered, enter here.  Thanks for sharing your skincare and earthly wisdom with us, Marie!

We are honored to partner with the incomparable spas of Auberge Resorts, in celebration of Earth Day.  While we take a special day to honor our Mother Earth, I like to bear in mind that we are all trying to live, every day, in accordance with the adage, every day is Earth day.

We celebrate earth day every day at Marie Veronique Organics by developing and producing skin care products that deliver results without compromising your health or the well-being of our beautiful planet.  This is not an easy challenge, and we distinguish ourselves by striving first and foremost to produce the results everyone wants, while at all times being faithful to the principles of:

  • Consumer safety
  • Community responsibility
  • Environmental reverence

How do we seek to accomplish all of the above?  Mostly by going back to where all life originates.

  • Sourcing–Pacific by Marie-Veronique Organics sources its most powerful ingredients from the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific rim—we call them intelligent ingredients because they come from nature, and we know that ingredients made by nature, used judiciously, are the best (and smartest) performers.
  • Innovating—if we regard the skin an ecosystem it makes sense that we would use nature’s materials and follow nature’s blueprints when seeking to repair it.  Thinking this way differentiates us from other companies and gives us a big head start when it comes to providing the most effective AND safest products available.  Starting at the origin of the problem we can track various biological pathways to arrive at possible solutions.  Designing effective products then becomes, ultimately, the task of merging nature’s brilliance with the ingenuity of science.  The Pacific line uses this methodology to address the most daunting challenges of aging skin like wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation and dehydration.
  • Delivering—The big question—does Pacific deliver on its promises?—is answered in the affirmative by the growing army of MVO faithfuls.  A look at some of our ingredients holds the key as to why the Pacific line stands apart.

Key Ingredients

  • Astaxanthin—from Hawaiian red pond algae, astaxanthin is the most powerful anti-oxidant on record.  Its high carotenoid content means it also provides natural UV protection.
  • Pacific Marine Biopeptides™–bioactive peptides from algaes and seaweeds are uniquely moisturizing and provide the vitamins and minerals your skin needs.
  • CMBI Natural Marine Extract™–this active ingredient from the sea rejuvenates skin by stimulating fibrocyte production, which in turn stimulates more fibrocyte/fibroblast production as well as the production of dermal matrix components like hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, all of which give skin its youthful plumpness.  It also stimulates blood vessel formation to further oxygenate and nourish skin, thereby improving its overall health.

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