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Stories from Malliouhana

Stories from Malliouhana

Learn Toasting to Anguilla’s Irresistible Rum Punch

Getting to this 180-foot-long island, about a quarter-mile away from the mainland, is just part of the fun. The reward is Eudoxie’s rum punch—named after its late owner, a native Anguillan and former professional tennis player named Eudoxie Wallace whose sons Brandon and Alexander now operate the establishment. “Before Eudoxie and his wife Sandra decided to open up a restaurant on this islet, Scilly Cay was just a scrubby spit of coral rock,” Jett Taylor explains. “Now it’s an Anguillan institution—and it serves arguably the best damn rum punch in the Caribbean.”

Boats run from the mainland to Scilly Cay, where one of the first things you’ll notice is a three-foot-high wall of conch shells around the island—the long-ago gifts of conch harvesters who left them for Eudoxie and Sandra as a thank-you for the couple’s cooking. “I come here for the food, but stay for the rum punch,” says Jett. “The menu is simple: just chicken, fish, lobster, and crayfish platters. But everything is fresh and delicious. This the kind of place where you can go around the back, pick out a live crustacean, and watch as the chef grills it right in front of you.”

When you’ve eaten your fill of seafood at this collection of shacks with no electricity—“Talk about going off the grid!” says Jett—you’ll be ready for the rum punch. Scilly Cay’s starts with Mount Gay Rum, the oldest commercial rum distillery from Barbados, combined with a generous pour of amaretto. Then this intoxicating mix is blended with pineapple, orange, and guava juice, as well as Angostura bitters, grenadine, and lime cordial. “Most people, myself included, can only have about two before they start feeling light-headed and very happy,” Jett laughs. “These concoctions take you straight to an island state of mind—and that’s exactly where you should be when visiting Anguilla.”Stories from Malliouhana

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