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Stories from Malliouhana

Stories from Malliouhana

Celebrate Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Dime in Your Shoe!

One question that we love to ask our couples is, “what do you look forward to the most with your fiance?” Their response is always centered around a lifetime of blessings and meaningful moments. Our “dime in your shoe” tradition represents just that and more. A custom dating back to our British affiliation, brides receive a special dime from their mother or other loved one on their wedding day. The dime is then placed in the bride’s right shoe before she walks down the aisle, symbolizing blessings of wealth and good fortune for the couple.


At Malliouhana, couples will find a dime in their room at turndown with a note that explains our tradition; “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver dime in your shoe!” Delighted by such a sweet and simple detail, couples love to incorporate this symbol of well wishes into their event.Stories from Malliouhana

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