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Stories from Malliouhana

Stories from Malliouhana

Do Not an Ordinary Horseback Ride

“Exploring Anguilla while perched on a saddle should be on everyone’s bucket list—from families to honeymooners,” says Deanna. “But make sure you opt for an ocean swim, which goes above and beyond just a gallop along the beach. It’s a truly magical experience being in the water on top of these majestic creatures.” Run by Tonia, an expat and passionate rider from England who now calls Anguilla her home, Seaside Stables specializes in these special swims—thanks to docile, well-behaved horses that allow even little ones and first-timers to safely go for a ride. “Tonia takes care of her stable and the horses are clearly loved,” Deanna says. “They truly enjoy being in the water. They’ll often wade in right up to their ears, sticking their heads out for air.” Although morning rides are available, Deanna suggests going during sunset hour, when the ocean seems especially placid, the air cool, and the beach quiet. “The ride from Seaside Stables will take you from Cove Bay to Cap Juluca—a whole scene that seems right out of a movie with the wind in your hair and these gorgeous creatures trotting across the sand,” she says. Horses are natural swimmers and, if all the conditions are ideal, will happily splash and paddle through neck-deep water. It’s up to you if you want to join, but Deanna says she wouldn’t have had it any other way. “Yes, you’ll get soaked,” she promises. “So definitely wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet and secure your cameras, phones, and other belongings before your pony charges for the sea!” In the Anguilla’s tropical climate, which is warm and often muggy all year around, there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in the cool waters. Looks like even the horses living on the island agree. Stories from Malliouhana

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