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Stories from Malliouhana

Stories from Malliouhana

Go Finding my Favorite Anguilla Beaches

Every year I take a tropical vacation to dip my feet in the sand and search of the best beach. Once I arrived at Malliouhana, I set out to find the best beach on Anguilla.  The staff told me there are 33 beaches on the Island of Anguilla so I was ready to explore. You can go on a tour of 7 Anguilla beaches but I chose to spend a longer time at a few.  


Fortunately, one of the best beaches was right on my doorstep. Meads Bay is home to Malliouhana and is one of the reasons it was built here. The resort overlooks Meads Bay which gave me beautiful views of the whole bay. It was a like a dream to wake up to the stunning turquoise waters and enjoy my coffee with the sea breeze. I’m always at peace walking along the beach to see what has washed up with the waves. The sand at Meads Bay is so soft between my toes. The water was so clear and perfect for snorkeling. Just 100 meters away are ridges of coral shelves with stunning colors. With such clarity you can see many types of fish, including French Angel Fish and Blue Chromis. 


At the eastern end of the island is Shoal Bay. I visited this beach when I wanted to have an entire day at the shore. I went early in the day to rent an umbrella and sunbed and claim my spot. The day was so relaxing as I never had to leave the sunbed if I didn’t want to. The water called me though, and I decided to give stand-up paddleboarding a try since the water was calm and flat. There was just enough wind to help me go without having to make too much of an effort although I was ready for a rum punch when I returned to my chair.


Rendezvous Bay is the perfect beach if you want to take a long walk and see a historic site at the same time. This two-mile stretch of soft white sand is rarely crowded and is the place where the Anguillians defeated the French invasion of 1796. I decided to start the day at one end near the restaurant, The Place, and walk the length of the beach. There are a few other bars and restaurants to stop at when I needed a refreshing drink. A few times along my walk, I took a swim, and the water was perfect. So many different colorful fish to see in the crystal blue waters.  It felt great to have the sea breeze on my skin as I walked, and the wind drying my hair. 


The next Anguillan beach stop was more of an adventure. To get to Little Bay beach, I had to climb down via a rope, but the secluded beach with cliffs is worth the climb. I could have climbed down with my hands using the rocks as well, but I wasn’t brave enough. This is probably the best spot I found for snorkeling as the bay was formed by coral providing homes for sealife such as Red Eye Sponge Crab and Sea Urchins.  I could have hired a boat to take me to Little Bay, but I would have missed out on the adventure of cliff climbing. 


After my week of beach exploration in Anguilla, these were my favorites. My tan has faded, but the memories of the sand between my toes and breeze in my hair will stay with me forever.Stories from Malliouhana

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