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5 night stay

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Leila Brewster

1-Day Sample Itinerary

Enjoy Anguilla

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Itinerary Highlights

Slip away from the ordinary to discover the pristine beaches, ocean adventures, and celebrated culinary scene of Anguilla. The unrivaled pleasures of paradise await. Inquire at 877.733.3611.

Ideal for everyone
Available November through August

Day 1
Find beach balance with a sunrise yoga session.
Fuel up with a Johnny Cake sandwich at Celeste.
Borrow one of our complimentary bikes to explore the scenic wildlife and beaches at your leisure.
Savor fresh ceviche at Leon's at Meads Bay. Grab an outdoor pool table and play a game before lunch.
Design and customize your own pair of Amanu sandals.
Walk to Mead's Bay Beach for a stand-up paddleboard session. Be on the lookout for hidden lagoons and schools of tropical fish.
Dine on grilled octopus at Blanchard's.
Walk to Mead's Bay Beach for a nighttime glass-bottom kayak ride. Powerful LED lights highlight the incredible underwater world below.

For Assistance

For assistance with availability and logistics, please contact us at 877.733.3611.

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