Make your Hotel Room Feel Like Home!

Apr 16, 2013

Whether your next trip will be filled with meetings or museums, your hotel room should be a relaxing sanctuary to unwind the day. Here are our top 5 tips to make your hotel room more comfortable with a little slice of home!

1. Bring a picture frame for your nightstand: especially when you’re traveling alone–waking up to a familiar face is always comforting!

2. Keep up with rituals: if you do a crossword puzzle every morning with a cup of tea, don’t forget to stash the puzzle book in your bag

3. Pack your favorite scent: a small scented candle or spray can create a peaceful and calming ambience in an unfamiliar setting

4. Bring your favorite snack: whether its a homemade banana muffin, or your favorite candy, sometimes the comforts of home taste even better in a new place!

5. Unpack: no one enjoys living out of a suitcase! Even if you’re in town for just a few nights, unpacking and hanging your clothes up takes just a few minutes, and makes getting ready a breeze!