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Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences

Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences

Do Telluride’s Must-Try Winter Sport: Ice Climbing

As Madeline’s General Manager, I’m pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to winter sports. When I want to feel the thrill of soaring down the mountain, I ski. When I want to explore the deep tranquility of the backcountry, I snowshoe. When I want to feel as if I’m floating over the snow, I hop on my fat tire bike. Now, after an amazing half-day adventure with Mountain Trip, I have an exhilarating new winter sport to add to my repertoire: ice climbing.

While nearby Ouray gets a lot of attention for its human-made ice-climbing park, Telluride is a mecca in its own right for ice climbers, and with good reason. Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado, is considered one of the most arduous ice climbs in the country. But the region also has plenty of easily accessible routes, ideal for the beginner and intermediate climber.

With my fear of heights, I wasn’t sure ice climbing was a sport I could manage—much less love—until now. While ice climbing, or trying to ascend a frozen waterfall, certainly looks intimidating, I quickly overcame my jitters with the help of my amazing guides Jesse Yon and Takka Kondo. In just a short while,

I mastered the basics, including climbing terminology and communication, and best practices for top rope belay and lowering. By the end of the half-day trip, I gained enough confidence to tackle the Upper Ames waterfall and was able to experience the exhilaration of soaring high.

If you want to shake things up on your next Telluride ski trip, or just want to try a new winter sport, don’t miss the climbing adventure with Mountain Trip!Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences