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Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences

Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences

Celebrate Telluride’s Fall Season Stole Our Hearts

Every autumn since my husband and I have been together, we travel to a new destination to witness the fall foliage. In 2016, we selected Telluride as our next destination. Renowned for the golds, yellows, and reds that sweep the San Juan Mountains in brilliant color, we had a feeling it would be special. Little did we know, however, what exactly this charming town would have in store for us!

Nothing could have prepared us for the unimaginable beauty of the Aspen groves in Telluride. Panoramic views of dramatic mountains and towering trees dressed in fall foliage left us in absolute disbelief—these sights were unlike anything we had seen before. Right then and there, we knew that we had to share this magic with our family and friends. The following year, we did just that.

In September of 2017, my husband and I returned to Telluride to be married surrounded by the same Aspen groves that stole our hearts the year prior. Our closest friends and family traveled from around the world to gather at Madeline Hotel and celebrate with us. We were over the moon to be able to share our love for nature’s miracles, and our love for each other on our big day. Now, we cannot wait to return to Telluride and share this special place with the little girl we are expecting in May.

Photography by Reese and ReneeStories from Madeline Hotel and Residences