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Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences

Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences

Do Our Spa Director’s New Favorite Healing Ingredient


In my former life, I was the Spa Director at Mukul in Guacalito, Nicaragua, where I crafted a wellness program that specialized in indigenous rituals, crystals, and other local elements. Now, as the Spa Director at Madeline, I use the same natural approach to healing—and I get to incorporate my new favorite wellness ingredient: CBD. Colorado became one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, so it’s only fitting we have CBD, or cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, on our spa menu.

We offer CBD as an enhancement for any of our spa treatments. One of our most popular requests is the CBD Body Quench, an herb-infused, organic CBD body butter that’s the ultimate moisturizer, one that leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft and supple, even at high altitude. After a day of hard play outdoors, my go-to cure-all is the Trauma Balm, a penetrating topical CBD pain relief salve that can soothe all those pesky issues, from inflammation to muscle tightness. Add any of these CBD enhancements to one of our signature massage treatments and get ready to bliss out. While you won’t exactly get high, you’ll definitely reach a high note.Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences