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Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences

Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences

Go Don't Forget Your Mushroom Costume

There are two things each new season in Telluride is sure to bring: a change in weather and unparalleled festivals. In my opinion, Telluride’s smaller, lesser-known festivals are some of the town’s best-kept secrets. Take, for instance, the quirky Mushroom Festival. Here me out— it’s a celebration of full of cooking demonstrations, guided hikes for mushroom identification, and a parade where attendees get creative with fungal-themed costumes. If dressing up isnt your style however, I might know what is. This year, the Madeline partnered with Circle K Ranch, where guests were able to take a lesser-traveled trail by horseback, and access landscape beyond where festival-goers were mushroom hunting. Guided by a licensed mushroom identification local and one of the Madeline’s chefs, the exploration was a special gathering that honored the Telluride tradition.Stories from Madeline Hotel and Residences