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Meet Ajax the Golden Retriever

Our newest and furriest family member

The first thing you might notice when checking into Madeline these days isn’t the smiling faces of our team members or the beer tap hiding behind the front desk; it will probably be an adorable doe-eyed pup by the name of Ajax “Jax” Leland. Born on November 11, 2019, the three-month-old Golden Retriever is the newest member of the Madeline family. Currently, Ajax registers only about knee height (with a good inch or so taken up by puppy fluff), but he’s expected to reach 25-27 inches in height when fully grown, and weigh in at 70-80 lbs.

Ajax is a Telluride dog through and through; he’s named for the iconic Ajax Peak, which towers above the eastern end of Telluride’s box canyon. While he hasn’t yet managed to make it to the summit, when he eventually does, he’ll be greeted by panoramic views of Bridal Veil Basin, Imogene Pass, Savage Basin, Silver Lake, and beyond. For the time being, he is learning to become a gentleman at puppy obedience school, but he is looking forward to the days when he can be spotted accompanying guests on less-challenging guided hikes—or recuperating with a long nap in a corner of the lobby. As the new furry face of Madeline, Ajax can’t wait to meet his new friends, both on four legs and two. Won’t you come and say hello? His official first day is scheduled for June 1st.

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