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Blues and Brews x Madeline

The Experience

Madeline is partnering with Telluride institution, the Blues & Brews Festival this year to offer guests a series of exclusive experiences, including intimate performances with iconic festival artists, an immersive gallery installation of historic festival imagery through the decades, and so much more! From September 14 - 19, Madeline guests can enjoy exclusive programming steps from their accommodations, stay tuned for details and schedule coming soon!

Tim Denise

Historic Festival Gallery

Enjoy artwork from festival photographers Barry Brecheisen, Jason Squires and Dino Perrucci featuring some of our favorite moments from past Blues & Brews festivals.
  • About Barry Brecheisen: Barry Brecheisen’s entertainment photography appears regularly in every major magazine including Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and People to name just a few. Known first and foremost as a rock ’n’ roll photographer, Barry was the photo editor for from 1998-2001 and the touring photographer for Lollapalooza in 2003. From then until the present, he has shot practically every famous rock star that has toured since the late 90s. From legends like Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, James Brown, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, The Who and the mega-stars like Radiohead, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse. These days he is a highly in-demand freelancer working out of Chicago for PR companies, magazines and wire services sending him traveling all over the country. Barry Brecheisen has been shooting for the Telluride Blues and Brews since 2006 and continues to be a part of our family.

  • Wednesday, September 15

  • Madeline Hotel & Residences

hanging tree

Book Signing & Chat with Tim Duffy

Join us on Wednesday, September 15, from 4:30-5:30pm for a book talk featuring Timothy and Denise Duffy, co-founders of the Music Maker Foundation. They will profile the foundation's most recent books: Blue Muse: Timothy Duffy's Southern Photographs and Hanging Tree Guitars by Freeman Vines with photographs by Timothy Duffy. Tim will share stories and insights from his career working with Southern roots musicians, talk about his exploration of the unique process of tintype photography, and Denise will discuss the mission of Music Maker Foundation that supports these musicians financially and creatively.
  • About Timothy & Denise Duffy

    Timothy Duffy is a folklorist, musician, and producer, and he has been photographing roots musicians for over 35 years. He started photographing and documenting the lives of traditional musicians when he was a teenager, continuing this work as a college student in western North Carolina. In 1983, Tim transferred to Friends World College and spent three years in Mombasa, Kenya studying Swahili musicians. During his work on his master’s in folklore from UNC Chapel Hill, Tim started working with Piedmont blues artists, many of whom are featured in the Our Living Past exhibit.

    Denise Duffy has been Managing Director of Music Maker Foundation since she and Tim founded the organization in 1994. Before launching the nonprofit, Denise had a successful career in the fashion industry. She is a graduate of Hampshire College.

    About Music Maker Foundation

    Music Maker Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, meets the day-to-day needs of the artists who create traditional American music, ensures their voices are heard, and gives all people access to our nation’s hidden musical treasures. Music Maker has partnered with the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival to bring the true pioneers and forgotten heroes of roots music to the festival since 2016 and raise awareness of the foundation’s mission. This year’s Music Maker Blues Revue features Albert White, Fred Thomas, Ardie Dean, Herman Hitson, Robert Lee Coleman and Sugarharp and don’t miss the “”Gospel Comforters”” premiere performance on Sunday.

    For More information:”

  • Wednesday, September 15 , 4:30 to 5:30 pm

  • Timber Room

Cary Morin & Ghost Dog

Cary Morin Concert

Exclusive Live Performance
  • About Cary Morin: Cory Morin is our 2019 Telluride Blues Challenge winner and it’s evident why he stood out from last year’s worthy finalists. With acoustic picking that sounds like a fleet of guitars and songwriting that comes from the soul, Cary is a much-lauded and hard-working bluesman. We’ll quote the great David Bromberg who said this about one of his favorite musicians: “Cary Morin is a unique and brilliant guitar player, songwriter and singer. It’s hard to pick out what he does best. As a guitar player, I have huge respect for Cary’s style and technique on the guitar. If you haven’t heard him yet, you should. Try to remember that it’s only one guitar.“ We could not have said it better. For more info:

  • Friday, September 17th, 7 pm

  • Reflection Plaza

Mitch Woods

Mitch Woods Performance

Exclusive Live Performance
  • About Mitch Woods: It just ain’t Club 88 unless it’s Mitch Woods rocking the ivories. If your day isn’t done until you’ve partied until sunrise, you’re likely the kind of swinger who can’t stop moving to what’s known as jump blues. No ballads here, people. Rock-a-boogie is what Mitch calls his style and it is exactly what it sounds like. No one plays it better than Mitch. He’s a beloved fixture on blues cruises, where his late night gigs are legendary. The wee hours bring out all kinds of musical guests sitting in with the man who single-handedly popularized jump blues, a jazz style that gave birth to rock and roll. The music is high-energy and swings, making it impossible to sit still, much less go to bed.

  • Saturday, September 18th, 7 pm

  • Timber Room

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