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Stories from Hotel Jerome

Stories from Hotel Jerome

Do On the Road to Ashcroft Ghost Town

The first time I took my road bike up Castle Creek Road from Aspen to Ashcroft Ghost Town, the beauty of the ride stopped me in my tracks, quite literally. It was the 4th of July, and everything was in full bloom. Alongside the road, wildflowers colored every inch of landscape for as long as I could see, and I did something I had never done for flowers before— I pulled off the road, got off my bike, and walked right into the middle of the meadow. If anything can make you “stop and smell the roses,” it’s Aspen. The views kept coming, even when I eventually made it to Ashcroft Ghost Town, an old, historic, silver mining town. If you go, make sure to walk the restored remains of the town’s buildings, and grab a bite surrounded by mountain views at the cozy nearby log cabin restaurant, Pine Creek Cookhouse. Next up, I’m planning to ride this route at the height of fall, as I’ve heard the road is lined by bright colors of autumn foliage. I’ll let you know if it pulls me over this time.Stories from Hotel Jerome