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Stories from Hotel Jerome

Stories from Hotel Jerome

Learn A Conversation with the Man Behind Hotel Jerome's Warhol Installations

Andy Warhol on skis

Why do you think Aspen has captured the hearts of such prolific artists through the decades such as Andy Warhol or Hunter S. Thompson?

Aspen has always attracted people from the creative community thanks not only to our inspiring nature, but also the heritage of the Aspen Institute and its Bauhaus inspiration.  Over the years, the Valley has also been home to numerous art patrons who have provided immeasurable support to visiting artists.


In your opinion, which of Warhol’s singular polaroids conveys the most emphatic emotion? Which one speaks to you the most?

Warhol’s polaroid portraits are beautifully simple and unembellished giving us a very direct engagement with the subjects.  For me, polaroids of subjects like Dolly Parton and Keith Haring are some of my favorites.


What is one thing you would like for viewers to remember after visiting this exhibit?

It’s great to see that Andy Warhol was so taken with the natural beauty of the Valley.  This is a man who slowed down and really appreciated the soul of the Aspen experience, apart from the glossy veneer of celebrity and wealth.


What makes Hotel Jerome the best place to showcase your collection?

Hotel Jerome is THE hotel in Aspen, the grand dame of Aspen hospitality and a fixture for generations visiting the Valley.  For me, there is no better venue to showcase the love Andy Warhol and I shared for this community.Stories from Hotel Jerome