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Person in a yoga pose
Person in a yoga pose

Hotel Jerome Summer Wellness Classes


The Experience

Hotel Jerome is excited to be offering two complimentary yoga classes a week with fitness instructor Allison Mahoney for our guests to enjoy and to continue their wellness journey while visiting Aspen.

Class Types

Person in a yoga pose

Vinyasa Flow

In this open-level class, students will flow through sequences that connect poses (or asanas) with breath.
Person in child's pose on a yoga mat

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, also referred to as "yogic sleep" or the "art of conscious relaxation," is a powerful type of meditation during which students are guided through a series of breath, body, awareness, and visualization techniques. Benefits include reduced stress, better sleep, a deeper connection to one's true nature, and a healthier relationship to thoughts.
Two people on a deck wrapped in a blanket

Meditative Hike + Stretch

Enjoy a guided hike on Aspen's Little Cloud Trail to a resting point where we will stop for 45 minutes for a guided mindfulness meditation and light stretching. The return hike will include time for students to engage in mindful hiking--bringing awareness to the surrounding area, thoughts, and physical sensations as we hike.

Class Schedule

July 26

Yoga Nidra | 5-5:45PM

July 29

Vinyasa Flow | 8-9AM

August 3

Meditative Hike + Stretch | 9-10:30AM

August 5

Vinyasa Flow | 8-9AM

August 9

Yoga Nidra | 5-5:45PM

August 12

Vinyasa Flow | 8-9AM

August 17

Meditative Hike + Stretch | 9-10:30AM

August 19

Vinyasa Flow | 8-9AM

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