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Month of She: Bar Luminaries


The Experience

Celebrate Women’s History Month in Bad Harriet, our cocktail institution inspired by powerful women throughout history, with an exclusive Bar Luminaires series at Bad Harriet. We’re honored to be bringing the Best in the Bar Business to Hotel Jerome for one-week Residencies, adding their flair and creativity to complement our menu.

March 15-19, 2023 | Brujas Residency

Brujas, a female-led cocktail bar in the heart of Mexico, is the perfect institution to kick off our Bar Luminaires series. Their spellbook of cocktails that are inspired by Mexican herbalism and made with an array of interesting ingredients that are meant to honor female Latin American writers and activists is sure to enchant guests. Their Residency at Bad Harriet will be from March 15th - 19th, 2023 and will be the most sought after ticket in Aspen.
  • About Brujas

    This female-led cocktail bar takes its name from the building it’s in, the Casa de las Brujas, or House of the Witches. That’s not where the references to witchcraft and shamanism end though – the intimate, esoteric and dimly-lit interior is the setting for a drinks offering that’s rooted in Mexican herbalism. The result is a frequently-changing cocktail list that’s both herbal led and inspired by the classics, made with an array of interesting ingredients prepared in the bar’s lab, and honoring female Latin American writers and activists. The beautifully illustrated menu features drinks such as the Naja, named for the symbol worn by Navajo people, and containing Beefeater gin infused with squash blossoms, Carpano Bianco Vermouth, Mexican corn liqueur Nixta and Fernet.


March 29 - April 2, 2023 | Pacific Standard Residency

West Coast vibes and East Coast taste are coming to the social hub of Aspen. Bad Harriet is excited to welcome PS, the hidden bar at NYC’s provisions shop Pine & Polk. PS, short for Pacific Standard, a women-led, dual-concept space located in Manhattan’s Hudson Square, will be featured as our Bar Luminaires in Residence from March 29th - April 2nd, 2023. Bringing with them a selection of their signature cocktails featuring ingredients intentionally chosen to reflect the ethos of the two beautiful cities where they come from. The visually stunning drinks use seasonal flavors and unique garnishes to tell a meaningful story about the important people and moments in their lives.
  • About PS | Pine & Polk

    Pine & Polk and PS (short for Pacific Standard), is a women-led, dual-concept space located in Manhattan’s Hudson Square, brings West Coast cool and East Coast energy together with a specialty provisions retail shop and “hidden” cocktail bar.  

    The story begins over a decade ago, when best friends-turned-business partners Lindsay Weiss (American Express, James Beard Foundation) and Alyssa Golub (Michael Mina Restaurant Group, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Craftable) first met. The pair befriended one another while living on intersecting streets in San Francisco (one lived on Pine Street; the other on Polk). They shared a passion for all things food and drink – and, several years later, after fate brought them back home to New York City, the opportunity to open the epicurean destination of their dreams was made a reality.

    With Pine & Polk and PS, Weiss and Golub can spotlight the products they’ve grown to know and love, and share them with their guests through thoughtful hospitality and experiences.  Over 60% of the store features female and minority owned brands, and the bar program at PS shares in the same ethos.


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