Have Fun with Healthy, Kid-Approved Snacks

Sep 6, 2013

Kids take snacking VERY seriously. With food companies pushing their colorful and often highly processed options, it can be a real challenge to entice little ones to the table with plain ol’ delicious, healthy food – but it’s an important challenge to take on. Need some inspiration?

The following kid-friendly treats deliver nutrition, flavor and fun in just the right proportions. They’re also a breeze to prepare, so the kids may want in on the action in the kitchen. Before long they’ll be “cooking” up signature versions of their favorite wholesome snacks.

1. Fruit and yogurt popsicles

Kids love popsicles, and when made from fresh fruit and unsweetened yogurt, they are as antioxidant- and protein-packed as they are delicious. If you have popsicle molds and a blender, you’re in business. Add a bit of honey or maple syrup to the yogurt-fruit blend for some natural sweetness.

2. Peanut butter and banana “quesadillas”

For a twist on the classic, use a whole wheat tortilla or yeast-free lavash, add natural peanut butter and top with sliced bananas. This flavor combination is sure to please the kid in all of us. Drizzle with honey if desired.

3. Fruit (and cheese) kabobs

The cheese is optional. We also like a fruit version dressed up with a drizzling of chocolate sauce. Or, if you’re cutting out sugar altogether, consider adding a yogurt dip to up the fun factor.  These kabobs also serve as an activity that keeps little ones occupied and helps them practice their fine motor skills. Prepare bowls of cut up fruit in advance, and let the skewering commence!

4. Homemade granola

If your kids like cereal they can help create their own from scratch, starting with a base of rolled oats (or your preferred flaked/rolled grain) and adding dried fruit, nuts, seeds and so on.

Parent tip: If fruit loops, lucky charms and their ilk have a hold on your kids’ taste buds, you can add a very small amount of these store-bought cereals to sweeten the mix!

5. Baked sweet potato fries

These soft, yummy fries are much healthier than regular french fries (and taste great dipped in ketchup). Cut the potato halves into 1-inch-wide wedges. Brush with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and cook for 20-25 minutes at 425°F, turning once, until soft. Fun to eat, and oh so delicious…

Let this handful of healthy, kid-friendly snack ideas spark your culinary imagination – sometimes you have to think like a kid to please their picky palates!