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Stories from Grace Hotel

Stories from Grace Hotel

Celebrate You’ll Never Guess the Colors of our Santorini Wedding

Santorini is awash in glorious hues: bright white buildings, churches topped with cobalt-blue domes, dusky red cliffs, bright pink bougainvillea, and pops of red geranium. But ask us about our favorite Santorini colors, and my husband and I will immediately tell you they’re black and white. That’s because our wedding at Grace Hotel featured a special unity sand ceremony that incorporated Santorini’s famed black and white sands, which we collected from our favorite beaches on the morning of our wedding.

It was my favorite touch to an incredibly detailed wedding because it felt so unique to Santorini. A member of the Grace Hotel team chauffeured my soon-to-be-husband to Perissa Beach, a popular beach on the island’s southeastern coast known for its long stretch of black sand formed from volcanic activity thousands of years ago. Meanwhile, I was escorted to White Beach, a small, little-visited cove lined with powdery soft white sand, and surrounded by the most immense white cliffs. Both of us collected sand—his was black, mine was white—and we also looked out for small volcanic pebbles for special table accents for our sit-down dinner.

During the unity sand ceremony, which was held at the 363 Champagne Lounge high above the Aegean Sea later in the afternoon, my groom and I each took turns pouring layers of the sand we had collected into one beautiful clear vessel. It formed a gorgeous layered effect, but most importantly, it represented our coming together as one. It’s a treasured memento, and will always remind us of our very special wedding in Santorini.

 Stories from Grace Hotel

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