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Stories from Grace Hotel

Stories from Grace Hotel

Eat The Santorini Cherry Tomato Changed My Life


Would it sound entirely ridiculous to say the Santorini Cherry Tomato changed my life? My first encounter with the locally-grown treasure was at Aktaion Restaurant, an unassuming traditional taverna that turned out to to be one of the oldest on the island, built over nearly a century ago. It was there that my wife and I first tasted a traditional korkosela made with eggs, fresh tomato and green bell pepper. It was unlike any dish I have ever had. As a backyard-tomato-farmer, the delicacy sent me into a frenzy to research the mystical Santorini Tomato. Soon enough, one thing led to another and I became entranced by the Santorini Fava Bean, an ancient yellow split pea dating back 3,500 years. As you could have guessed, our next meal included fava dip at a traditional fish tavern beside the bay, Dimitris. What I called fava bean research, my wife called my newest obsession. Upon returning to Grace Hotel, I discussed my discoveries with the chef, who then insisted that I finish out my Grecian food tour with a third and final locally-grown specialty: the white aubergine, or eggplant. I’ve since returned home with a flavorful story told best through the learned recipes we’ll cherish for years to come.Stories from Grace Hotel

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