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Stories from Grace Hotel

Stories from Grace Hotel

Celebrate Santorini Holds the Window to My Soul

santorini wedding

Half Greek, half American I’ve spent my childhood summers in Santorini—one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, as my father would say. From a window in my grandparents’ white Cycladic house, our view seemed to reach the edges of the earth. With each hour, a shift in light revealed new sights to marvel over, coloring the blur of ocean and sky into shades as captivating as the flicker of a candle flame. I remember that only one sight could compare; catching a glimpse of a Santorini wedding. Viewed from the same window, I could see to the picturesque blue-domed church where brides would be escorted by local musicians to say “I do.” A true romantic soul since my early years, a Santorini wedding was a real-life fairytale that I dreamt would be mine one day.


Years and years later, who would have thought that this picture-perfect memory from my childhood would come true? As I traveled back to the island that gifted me my most blissful summers, I could not believe I was returning as a bride to live out my dream wedding. I’ll never forget standing by the door of our hotel room and looking out over the Caldera where the sunshine hit the glimmering Aegean Sea. There, setting my sights on the same view that seems to reach the edges of the earth, I knew that I was exactly where I was meant to be. With Grace Hotel taking great care of every wedding detail, my love story was seemless.Stories from Grace Hotel

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