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Hot sauna stones with water
Hot sauna stones with water

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Wellness in the Wasatch Mountains

Drawing inspiration from the salt caverns and mineral springs near Bavaria, the healing focus at Goldener Hirsch surrounds water.

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Bespoke Relaxation in the Mountain West

Relax after a rewarding day on the mountain with a customized massage in the comfort of your room. Tend to sore legs in our rooftop pool and infinity-edge hot tub, boasting impressive views of the surrounding peaks. The 24-hour fitness center also enjoys a prime rooftop location with floor-to-ceiling windows, state-of-the-art equipment and a unisex sauna. Goldener Hirsch’s mid-mountain location puts guests in direct contact with the ultimate healer: Mother Nature.

Skincare products and stones
Surrender to a Blissful Bedtime Bath
Inspired by Bavarian mineral springs and salt caverns, Goldener Hirsch has partnered with Jobi Manson, artist and creator of Sēfari – a platform specializing in multi-sensory guided immersions – to bring you a signature elemental bath meditation. 
This journey blends guided water-focused therapy and masterfully produced stereophonic sound (falling rain, crashing surf, ambient music) for an enriching, soul-soothing soak
Your session comes with a curated Sēfari bath kit featuring plant-based products by Nature of Things, and promotes the many benefits of ritual immersion including relieving stress and preparing the body for deep sleep
30-minute digital bath ritual, guided by Sēfari founder Jobi Manson 
Products designed to cleanse, soothe, hydrate and exfoliate include a restorative floral bath soak, cleansing body and scalp polish, body stone, hinoki incense and incense holder
From $225 per soak

High Alpine Healing

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Rooftop pool and hot tub at Goldener Hirsch
Invigorate Your Breath in the Mountains
Breathe in the crisp alpine air from Goldener’s rooftop, eye level with the pristine mountain landscape. Beyond the breathtaking views creating a solace for the senses, taking in the high-altitude air—naturally pure of pollutants—can help calm the nervous system and detoxify the lungs. Slip into the therapeutic waters of the rooftop pool for a 45-minute guided breathwork session of awakening inhales and exhales. Emerge freer, clearer, and energized for your next adventure.
Winter hats encouraged and a warm robe to wear after class.
From $125 per guest | From $225 for two guests
Book a la carte five days in advance

Snow-capped mountains on a sunny day
Solar-powered Meditation
Let the mountain sunrise ground you and recharge your inner light. Sunbathing meditation, a peaceful mind-body practice that dates back to ancient sun worship, is an instant mood-booster and promotes endless health benefits—from regulating melatonin and hormonal levels to generating vitamin D in the body. Before hitting the slopes or hiking the trails, mindfully bask in the warm early morning rays and harness their many healing powers.
Winter clothes encouraged.
From $125 per person | From $225 for two people
Book a la carte 5 days in advance

Skincare products from Khalm
"Liquid Gold" Facial
Experience the gold standard of skincare rituals. Goldener has partnered with local skincare brand Khalm to offer an in-room facial fueled by the natural healing properties of centuries-old Oud. Known as “liquid gold” in Southeast Asia, the essential oil’s aromatic scent and calming effect define Khalm’s luxury product line and the spiritual experience it inspires. Enjoy a four-product kit featuring cleanser, overnight moisturizer, overnight elixir, and gua sha facial massage tool, as well as a tutorial for designing your personal skincare routine.
There are four products within the kit: cleanser, overnight moisturizer and overnight elixir, as well as a gua sha for massage.
$360 per kit
Guests scan a QR code for a video/tutorial on creating their personal skincare routines
Rooftop pool at Goldener Hirsch
Rooftop pool at Goldener Hirsch

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