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4 night stay

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Sound bowl
Sound bowl

Sound Therapy


The Experience

For a sublime mediation experience, tune in with sound practitioner and meditation guru Analeigh Marie. The purest sounds of seven quartz crystal bowls are tuned to the frequency of the seven Chakras (energy centers) to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, creating slower breathing and heart rate, priming the body to fall into deep, blissful relaxation. This sound bath experience will lower stress, improve mood and focus and expand your overall wellbeing.

  • 45 minutes | From $152
  • 60 minutes | From $175
  • Book a la carte five days in advance

Woman receiving reiki treatment

High-Vibrations Energy Healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is based on the idea that all living things have a special energy flowing, which is called life energy. Our reiki master, Analeigh Marie, can harness energy by therapeutic connection, placing her hands just above the body to draw the life force and restore alignment in mind, body and soul. Simply relax and receive a cosmic download of healing through osmosis.
  • 45 minutes | From $175

  • 60 minutes | From $209

  • 90 minutes | From $285

  • Book a la carte five days in advance


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