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Herbal Healing Powers and Natural Remedies

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From fermentation to tea blending and age-old tonics

For the month of October, we’ve partnered with Nicholas Zemp of Grey Mountain Herbs. Classes available and exclusive to book for October.

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Fermentation Workshop

Many of the foods we love and enjoy have been transformed through the use of fermentation and culturing. Some we are very familiar with like cheese, yogurt and alcohol, but many foods we regularly consume that we don’t typically think of as fermented foods use fermentation to enhance their flavors – chocolate, olives and cured salamis. Come join us for our fermentation workshop with ‘fermentalist’ Nicholas Zemp, where you’ll learn the basics of this ancient tradition, the many health benefits of consuming fermented foods, taste some delicious fermented foods and prepare your own crock of lacto-fermented vegetables.

  • Oct 15, 2-4p
  • $85++ / person

Design Your Own Masala Chai

With fall and winter closing in, many of us don sweaters and crave warm and spicy beverages. Gather with us to make your own masala (spiced) chai (tea) antioxidant blend known to be extremely beneficial in reducing inflammation and increasing energy, among other unique benefits. Join Nicholas Zemp, an herbalist and tea connoisseur, for this aromatic adventure where you’ll get to try a true Indian masala chai – and we will briefly cover the history of tea and spices culminating in you creating your own unique blend.

  • Oct 22, 2-4p
  • $85++ / person

Fire Cider Making Workshop

Take part in a centuries-old tradition and learn how to make your own fire cider. Fire cider is a tonic that has been used traditionally to treat all kinds of colds, flus and other respiratory illnesses. It was even used as a prevention and remedy for the plague! Fire cider tonic is a mixture of pungent medicinal foods and herbs, raw apple cider vinegar and raw honey. With the help of local herbalist Nicholas Zemp, you’ll learn a bit of the history of fire cider, the healing benefits of commonly used ingredients and herbs and you’ll get to select your perfect combination of healing herbs and make your own jar to keep you and your family healthy all winter long.

  • Oct 1, 2-4p
  • $85++ / person

About Nicholas Zemp

Nicholas Zemp is a clinically certified western and Chinese herbalist, educator, aromatherapist,and avid naturalist and gardener. He is the founder of Grey Mountain Herbs and director of the Grey Mountain Herbs School of Botanical Medicine. Growing up close to nature in Southeastern Idaho, Nick has always loved the outdoors and been fascinated by the Earth’s natural abundance and innate intelligence. At the age of 15 he (precociously) threw off modern medicines and began to voraciously devour any book regarding herbal medicine and natural therapies he could find. After moving to Oregon at the age of 18 and volunteering on a medicinal herb farm, he devoted himself to an herbal healing path. He has numerous certificates in Western Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, along with thousands of hours of teaching experience. With over 20 years of study and working in the herbal industry, Nick continues to educate himself and others in the wonders of botanical medicine, sustainable living and whole-body wellness.

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