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Skincare products and stones
Skincare products and stones

Blissful Bedtime Bath

The Experience

Inspired by Bavarian mineral springs and salt caverns, Goldener Hirsch has partnered with Jobi Manson, artist and creator of Sēfari – a platform specializing in multi-sensory guided immersions – to bring you a signature elemental bath meditation. This journey blends guided water-focused therapy and masterfully produced stereophonic sound (falling rain, crashing surf, ambient music) for an enriching, soul-soothing soak. The alchemy of water and sound relieves stress, aids circulation, stimulates digestion and improves sleep. We invite you to soak in serenity through the ancient art and mindful philosophy of bathing with nature.

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About Jobi Manson, Visual Artist and Founder of Sēfari

Jobi Manson is a visual artist and sculptor working in the mediums of water, light, sound and stone. Her curiosities have led her deep into the dimensions that exist beyond language – straight into the heart of matter, time and the space between. Fluidity, as the unifying force of her wildest inspiration, plays with the subtle intricacies of human connection, mapping invisible landscapes and exploring new ways to attune and translate phenomena of the natural world. Sēfari, a platform for simple and elemental experiences that merge science, nature and art in the pursuit of psychosomatic evolution. Jobi’s practice helps people return to their truest essence – using water and sound, participants sink into the unknown and merge with the dynamic range of their depth and potential.
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