Fresh Hostess Gift Ideas

Oct 18, 2013

Break the wine-and-flowers cycle this holiday season with a more thoughtful and unexpected hostess gift. While homemade is always appreciated, sometimes just a little effort can go a long way…


Read on to get your gifting gears turning:

A Bouquet and Vessel – Flowers are never going out of style, but the traditional bouquet leaves a hostess scrambling to trim stems and find a vase. Take any work for the hostess out of the equation and give a casual mix of blooms  already arranged in a pretty vessel.

A Potted Plant – Re-pot a plant in a cheerful mug or mixing bowl. Choose a container that’s taller than it is wide and a damp-soil-loving plant such as a fern or philodendron. Fill the bottom third with pebbles to allow for some drainage, and make sure the roots don’t touch rock.

Scented Sugars – Layer granulated sugar (or coconut sugar) with aromatic edibles like dried orange and lemon peel, clove, cardamon, rose petals or vanilla beans. Let the mixtures rest for a few days in tightly sealed jars while the scents infuse. A trio of small jars makes an unexpected present for whomever you think could use a little sweetness.

Gift the Garden – Create a gift basket around something you grow. Add complementary items and ingredients that inspire a meal or experience. For lemons, a bright yellow citrus-squeezer and set of tall glasses make the perfect lemonade kit. For tomatoes, arrange your crop alongside a package of heirloom pasta, basil, garlic and a wedge of Parmesan.

Bread and Jam – Wrap two loaves of your favorite crusty bread in a linen dish towel, place alongside a jar of homemade (or artisan) jam, and tie together with a ribbon that matches the dish towel. Secure a wooden spreader in the knot of the bow.

These hostess gifts, while simple, are guaranteed to make an impact. Embellish as you see fit!