Fitness Forecast 2013

Mar 8, 2013

Auberge’s Spa & Fitness experts divulge their predictions for 2013’s hottest fitness trends!

1) Outdoor exercises: get off the treadmill and bring on the sunshine! Activities like kayaking, tennis, hiking, or even running through the park provide new challenges for muscles

2) Fitness retreats: instead of loading up on pina coladas on your next trip, plan a fitness retreat! Many resorts offer expert classes in a variety of exercise techniques… A great excuse for a vacation!

3) Zumba: out with the barre and in with Zumba! The latest fitness craze combines Colombian dance moves and high intensity cardio into fun, fat-burning workouts

4) Boot camps: get in shape old-school with a group of friends! Sign up for a boot camp class and challenge your fitness abilities with strength and endurance building cardio workouts

Check out Esperanza Resort’s Fitness schedule to plan your next retreat – instructors can customize your workout experience in private classes, indoor and outdoor studios, or in the privacy of your own casita!